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7 Favorite Podcast Episodes for Trans Awareness Week

For Trans Awareness Week, November 13-19, I’m sharing some of my very favorite podcast episodes, by and about trans people. Listening to the voices and experiences of other trans people helps me understand myself and my community. I’m grateful these folks share such meaningful stories from their experience. I hope you enjoy these episodes!

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Gender RevealGender 101, revisited

Tuck Woodstock, journalist, educator, and host of Gender Reveal, explains gender and sex, from a trans perspective. This is a great episode for allies, coworkers, friends, cis people, anyone who wants to learn but hasn’t spent the last several years researching gender identity. From legal sex markers on ID to gender dysphoria to secondary sex characteristics, this is a focused and informative overview in only twenty minutes.

The Anti-Trans Hate Machine, Episode 1 – It’s Not Really About Sports

I am a huge fan of The Anti-Trans Hate Machine podcast. Imara Jones, journalist and founder of TransLash Media, dives into the politics, funding, organizations, and spokespeople behind the anti-trans legislation in the United States. This is excellent journalism, on a topic I care deeply about, sharing the informed voices of trans people, especially trans people of color.

TransLash Podcast with Imara JonesTrans Athletes Speak Out

Trans athletes have to deal with discriminatory regulations and even legislation just to participate in the sports they love. In this episode, Imara Jones interviews two trans athletes, CeCé Telfer and Chris Mosier, about their wins, struggles, and path to success.

Queersplainingfrom the greek for “beautiful voiced”

Callie Wright, host of the Queersplaining podcast, talks about their podcasting journey and how that intersects with accepting and/or changing their voice. I appreciate this episode because it dives into the nuance between how we hear our own voices, how other people interpret our voice, and how maybe what our voice sounds like doesn’t matter as much as we think.

NPR Life KitMaking the Workplace More Equitable for Trans People

This simple guide by Tuck Woodstock explains how to support and be respectful to trans coworkers. Listening to best practices so you don’t have to ask basic questions removes some of the burden of emotional labor by your trans coworkers to try to educate you. I highly recommend listening to this interesting and useful episode!

SouthpawPride Never Die w/ Fallon Fox

Hearing trans martial artists discuss their experience, communities, and craft is close to my heart as a martial artist myself. I loved this interview with Fallon Fox, talking about her successes, dealing with transphobia and racism, and the world of MMA. When you’re trans, there’s a fine line between activism and just doing your job. It was very cool to hear the inside story from an awesome MMA fighter!

Food 4 ThotI’m Coming Out

A multiracial mix of four queer writers tell stories, joke, laugh, and once in a while get a little serious about LGBTQ issues on the Food 4 Thot podcast. This is the first episode the group recorded in person since the pandemic started, and the feeling of shared community is tangible. Especially if you’re feeling isolated from in-person queer community, this show feels like chatting with funny, supportive friends.

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