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“If you need anything from your clients before January, now is the time,” an executive at the marketing agency I used to work at informed us in early November. These successful people who pay us money are now arranging their travel, planning family gatherings, buying presents, researching recipes, taking extra naps, spending time with their kids, or whatever it is that keeps them from talking business during the holiday season.

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People’s motivation for business projects, like building a new website, selling new products, and marketing campaigns, waxes and wanes throughout the year in a predictable annual cycle.

Client attitudes per month (a highly scientific report):


“I have so many New Year’s resolutions I want to implement. Let’s do this!”


“This weather is terrible and I’m sad all the time, but burying myself in business emails is actually getting me through this short month.”


“Seems like a reasonable time to be starting new projects.”


“Let’s get down to business, and defeat…our expense reports.”


“Allergies are kicking in, but I’m still motivated to finish what we started.”


“Except for these five friends’ weddings, my time is yours.”


“I’m thinking about work at least 3.5 days a week.”


“If you need me, I’ll be at the beach, not answering your emails.”


“My kids are going back to school and I am going back to work with a vengeance. Whatever we didn’t fix last month, we will build something to fix it now!”


“This is a great month for getting things done. We have a few months until the end of the year and it’s looking hopeful so far.”


“My mother-in-law and six cousins are staying with me and they all have different food allergies and my cat hates them all. And I have a cold. Oh, sorry, did you need something from me?”


“See ya next year!”

So if your work depends on client interaction, it’s time to ask for any requirements, sit back, and work on your offerings for the beginning of the year. Or, take the well-deserved rest you need.

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