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Grammarly Premium Review 2022: Features & Benefits

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Grammarly is an extension for browsers and an application for smart devices. The app helps writers and editors to type, catch, and fix mistakes easily. It is an advanced writing assistant that checks for plagiarism and improves content readability. The free extension version of Grammarly was first released in 2009. The application uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify spelling, grammar, and other mistakes in documents. 

Minor spelling mistakes and grammatical errors can ruin resumes, applications, cover letters, and other important documents. Grammarly Premium is like a personal, real-time copy editor for me. Grammarly is one of the best tools that I found to catch mistakes in writing that a proofreading person can easily miss out on. 

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Grammarly Premium is a paid upgrade of the software plugin and application. The paid subscription gives me the liberty to try 400 types of features. Some of them include grammatical error checks, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, citation suggestions, plagiarism detectors, and more. 

I keep the guesswork out of writing and establish confident communication with clear and precise content. Rephrase sentences for accuracy, enhance choices of words, and get other types of comprehensive real-time feedback. When I write a complicated sentence, Grammarly suggests a simpler version. Strike the right tone and make an impression on the audience every time with simple sentences and easier-to-read alternatives. 

Grammarly Premium Features 

  • Formality level directions 
  • Tone adjustments 
  • Word choice 
  • Additional advanced suggestions 
  • Plagiarism detection 
  • Spelling 
  • Conciseness 
  • Punctuation 
  • Grammar 
  • Short & Clear sentences 
  • Sentence rephrase 
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Who Can Use Grammarly Premium 

Grammarly acts as a line of defense for professional writers. However, the ideal audience for this app are: 

  • Content marketers
  • Authors
  • Academics 
  • Essayists 
  • Content publishers 
  • Freelance writers 
  • Journalists 
  • Copywriters 
  • Bloggers 
  • Small business owners 
  • Anyone who writes in the English language 

Grammarly Premium Cost 

Grammarly Premium individual subscription plans include: 

  • USD$ 30 – monthly subscription
  • USD$ 60 – quarterly/3 month plan billed as 1 payment 
  • USD$ 144 – annual/1 year plan billed as 1 payment 

Grammarly Limitations 

The Grammarly tool is limited to specific settings like American English, Australian English, Canadian English, and British English. 

Grammarly Guide of Use 

Try the free version of Grammarly and create an account with your Google or Facebook ID. If you like the experience, you can upgrade to the Grammarly Premium version. Some of the Grammarly’s extensions include: 

  • Web App 

You can paste a piece of writing directly on the web app via The app generates the accurate result and you can download or copy this version. 

  • Desktop App 

You can download the Grammarly desktop app for Mac or Windows. Internet access is essential to work on this app. The desktop app is useful and allows you to drag files or Word documents directly into the app. Also, updates on the desktop app happen automatically in the background. It has a rich text formatting feature where edited articles can be copied from the app. 

  • Browser Extension 

Grammarly Premium has plugins for all browsers including Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Safari. You have to install the browser plugin and log in to the account. This allows Grammarly to automatically scan writings on the web browser. It has pop-up features to check almost anything. You can check your emails in Gmail and social media posts on the run. The browser extension is great to check anything you write online.  

  • Grammarly Keyboard 

Grammarly Premium has a smartphone keyboard app for Android and iOS devices. You have to log in from your Grammarly account and activate the app. This allows Grammarly to access your smart device keyboard and compose precise text messages or emails. It is great to fix mistakes, get smart predictions, and speed up writing anytime anywhere. 

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Benefits of Grammarly Premium 

  • Improved Punctuation & Grammar 

You can detect all types of punctuation and grammar errors in real-time. Grammarly Premium offers guidelines and suggestions to instantly rectify mistakes like misplaced apostrophes, missing commas, and more. 

  • Robust Spelling Check

Grammarly is one of the best spell-check tools where you can add new words and create custom dictionaries. It allows you to create different style guides for different types of writing purposes. 

  • Excellent Readability 

Grammarly scans through everything and detects clunky passages, paragraphs, and sentences within seconds. The app can also determine an ideal age group for text pieces. Grammarly detects readability issues based on character count, speaking time, word count, and reading time. Then Grammarly uses AI technology to create a concise and clear version of the text. 

Enhance your writing skills and get assistance from one of the best AI-based multipurpose text checker tools, Grammarly. Subscribe to the Premium plans and unlock new possibilities. It is a great way to ace the game with the written word.

Check out Grammarly here!

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