8 Weeks of Rental Van Life

Our Rental Van Deal: Unusually Affordable

“You know, you got a great deal on this van,” the staff member commented while checking out our reservation.


“You can’t get a reservation at all for a cargo van, truck, or minivan. We’re booked solid until next August, a year from now!”

This matches up with what I was seeing online. I couldn’t seem to make any future reservations for a cargo van, at any time, in any city.

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The rental van parked on a winding mountain road

We rented the van in two 28-day rental periods. While we were standing at the counter checking out the van the second time, I kid you not, the other staff member was cancelling someone’s reservation for a cargo van on the phone because their vehicle was not available.

We got so lucky. $860 for 28 days, unlimited miles. The rental place called to confirm if we even wanted the cargo van (as they would be happy to give us a sedan car for the same price). Of course, I said I wanted the van. And somehow, miraculously, we got the van.

It’s not likely that we’ll do a rental van trip again soon, based on the logistics. Maybe the next trip will be car camping, or maybe one of these years I’ll finally buy a vehicle that I can sleep in comfortably. I’d consider a Ram Promaster 2500 (what we are renting now). It’s working very well for us.

The rental van with door open parked in a forest

It’s luck, willingness to jump on a deal, and feels like a glitch in the Matrix that we have an affordable rental van for eight weeks. Maybe this is the first step to buying a more permanent vehicle. Or maybe this is just a one time opportunity to savor and explore.

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