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Trans Resources: Help, Funding, Support

If you are trans, resources are available to help, fund, and support you. Trans people deserve access to gender-affirming health care, employment opportunities, and safe and comfortable living conditions. Many organizations are working towards providing this access (even though the legal situation in the US continues to threaten trans people).

This post features a selection of trans resources from LGBTQ+ organizations.

Trans Resources: Help, Funding, Support

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Trans Resources

This list of trans resources is (hopefully) helpful, but not comprehensive. Many, many trans supportive organizations advocate for our community (and for you). If you are in need of a specific resource, please do a Google search or reach out to your local LGBTQ+ group, if you have one.

Crisis Hotlines

Trans Lifeline’s Hotline

Trans Lifeline will connect you to a trained trans and/or nonbinary peer operator. It’s okay to call if you are not in crisis or not sure if you’re trans. Trans Lifeline does not contact emergency services without your consent, and you can remain anonymous. Puedes hablar con unx operadxr en español.

The Trevor Project’s chat, phone, or text hotline

A 24/7 support hotline for LGBTQ youth (under age 25). You can speak with an operator over chat or text in addition to a phone line. In certain emergencies, including a report of child abuse, they may contact emergency services.

Letters for Gender-Affirming Medical Care

The Gender Affirming Letter Access Project

The GALAP is a project to increase access to free letters for gender-affirming medical care. Their directory of providers is a way to find a medical professional to write a letter for you (in some cases, for free).

How to Legally Change Your Name and/or Gender in the US

ID Documents Center – National Center for Transgender Equality

The National Center for Transgender Equality has compiled information about how to legally change your name and gender marker on ID documents in the US. You can filter by state/territory and type of ID document, for example, passport or social security card.

Trans Lifeline Name Change Microgrants

Trans Lifeline distributes microgrants (applicants are selected by lottery) to trans and nonbinary people who are in need of funds to complete a legal name and/or gender marker change.

Mutual Aid

Trans Lifeline list of mutual aid and public assistance resources

Trans Lifeline has a wonderful list of funds and organizations that may be able to help trans and nonbinary people financially and with access to health care.

Local LGBTQ+ Organizations for Trans Resources

If you are looking for more trans resources, I recommend searching for local LGBTQ+ organizations in your area. For example, while researching this blog post from my current on-the-road location near Tampa, FL, I found the Transinclusive Group serving transgender and LGBTQ+ individuals in South Florida. I think it’s comforting that even in a place where politicians are passing highly discriminatory laws against trans people, local organizations are still working to provide community support.

In every city I’ve lived recently I’ve found a local LGBTQ center and in-person trans support groups. I’ve also found community online. Queer and trans Facebook groups or Discord communities can be a great place to make connections and get support.

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Please remember a lot of people in your local community and worldwide care about your health and safety. Although transphobes and bigots may unfortunately receive more media coverage, many activists fight for the rights and safety of trans people. It may be intimidating to ask for help, but if you need resources, please try reaching out to an organization that can provide support.

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