Best Hiking Pants for Nonbinary Adventurers

The outdoors can be rough on your legs. Here’s my honest review of my favorite hiking pants and outdoor gear. These pants will keep you comfy and stylish whether you are strolling through your local park or trying to survive rainy, snowy, or hot conditions.

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This post is all about the best hiking pants for nonbinary adventurers!

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Best hiking pants

My Favorite Hiking Pants

Jogger Pants

I love jogger pants because they are looser in the thighs but gathered at the ankle and waist. My legs can move freely in joggers when walking down a trail or climbing over rocks. I like the khaki color best because it’s light enough to reveal ticks or other bugs trying to climb onto me. The gathered ankles work well and look good with boots or hiking shoes. Jogger pants are a staple of my outdoor wardrobe.

Amazon Essentials Men’s Straight-Fit Jogger Pant

Available in sizes XS (28″ waist) to XXL (42-45″ waist). If you need a smaller size, I’d recommend checking out “boys” jogger pants. The boys’ sizes fill in the lower part of the size range for smaller adults wanting masc clothes.


Leggings can be super comfy and supportive, especially if waistbands or stiff fabric irritate your skin. I don’t have a specific recommendation for leggings right now, but I will work on providing one! Everyone’s comfort is a little different when it comes to leggings. Some people prefer cotton, and others prefer a synthetic quick dry fabric. If you have a favorite type of leggings, consider wearing them hiking.

Cargo Pants with Zip-Off Legs

Quick dry cargo pants with zip-off legs are lovely when hiking in a warm climate. You can convert to shorts on the go; sweat will dry quickly and wick away from your skin.

Jessie Kidden Mens Hiking Pants Convertible Quick Dry Lightweight Zip Off Outdoor Fishing Travel Safari Pants

These pants have reviews from women and men (and likely some nonbinary folks). It shows that despite the gendered marketing for most clothes, all kinds of people are finding something that works for them.

It comes in waist sizes 29-42.”

Rain Pants

Rain pants are amazing. Especially if you ride your bike in all weather, these are the waterproof clothing you have been missing. You can wear them over your regular pants, then strip off the rain pants once you reach your destination. They are also a helpful layer over your regular pants when it’s cold or if you are hiking in the snow. Here are the rain pants I own (and have loved for the last several years):

Columbia Women’s Storm Surge Waterproof Rain Pant

Sizes XS to 2X, with Short or Petite versions also

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